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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Oil Pipeline, Phooey, California Needs WATER pipelines.

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We all argue about the XL pipeline to transport Canadian Tarsand oil to the Gulf of Mexico when we should have been planning and building a WATER pipeline from somewhere there IS water to California where it IS NOT.

California legislators allowed natural gas drillers to both use millions of gallons of water per well AND to allow them to do "deep injection" of waste water into the ground in areas where cities and agriculture needed to draw water out of wells. Now as rain fails and winter snow pack in the Colorado Rockies is too low to sustain river flow, California is facing a mega shortage of water.

Sao Paulo, Brazil is facing its own crises but on a shorter calendar. Estimates are they have about 60 days of water in reserve. Unless the rains replenish the reservoirs they will have 20 million people scrambling for water by Summer.
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Tuna Blogger said...

After writing this post, I came across an Internet posting that said that Las Vegas which is dependent entirely on Lake Mead for its water has a pipeline proposal. They have been prepared to spend in excess of $3 billion to construct a 260 mile pipeline to help mitigate is drought crises. The article asserted that the project has been held up for year in environmental reviews.