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Monday, October 10, 2011

Wall Street an Abusive Parent?

Peoples' relationship with banks and Wall Street is like that of a child and abusive parent. The child just wants the pain and abuse to stop but doesn't want the parent arrested. If the parent is arrested, the child risks losing his home and ending up in foster care. The child is completely dependent on the abusive parent and must turn to him or her even though the abuse will continue. The parent knows the child is totally dependent and subject to whatever rules are set forth. Sometimes the abused child propagates the abuse and some times the child turns on the parent with violence. This is the hazard of being abusive. People who 'know' the parent all say that it is impossible that the child is being abused or has any right to complain. They blame the ungrateful child. As the child reacts more, eventually even his playmates get in on the harassment after listening to their parents talk about the unruly child. It is all a downward spiral into intractable failure.