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Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Little Quid Pro Quo

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There comes a time when a little quid pro quo is in order. Thousands of Twitter folks and Blogger readers have enjoyed the silliness, irreverence and sometimes prescient postings on my blogs that include Silly Bugger Shit, You Can't Argue With a Twit and A Vulnerable Geometry, all for free. While they will always be free to read, I have published to date three #eBooks that are available at and Barnes & Noble that are available for a small price. That Boy in the 8mm Film, Rachel and Nikki Step Out, Ruminations of a Bird Brain Vol 1 & 2 and BIRD BRAIN RISING are sure to make you smile, laugh and even think. Please consider buying one or two to help support the writing of more posts and observations like the ones you have become accustomed to finding at my sites. Thank you.

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Author's Note: The book cover images in the side margins of this blog are my own publications of eBooks available at both Amazon and B&N. Please take a moment and go to the sites and read about them. Then if you like it, buy one or two.

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