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Monday, September 29, 2014

eBook Publishing at Amazon

Recently I made the move from imminent author to eminent with the publication of two manuscripts. Well, I flatter myself with the “eminent” moniker, but then if I don’t who will? I will strive to justify my lofty opinion. After all I am out standing in my field and the hay fever is killing me. The first book is “Ruminations of a Bird Brain” narrated by a pigeon who believes he is a human wrapped in the body of the pigeon. Well, maybe, who knows if when a pigeon is pecking the ground he may be thinking lofty or at the very least silly bugger thoughts. First I listed the book for sale and it can be found at this web address: After actually the book up and “live” for review and purchase, I made a short Youtube Video to describe it :
With a modest initial success I finished a second offering about a relative of a relative who left this world at a young age. He either left us behind on his journey or we left him behind on ours. It is all in the centricity of the reader. “That Boy in the 8MM Film” is about that boy, Nicky as we knew him, who grew up before our eyes and then suddenly was gone. What were the circumstances of that departure? What was his life like? Everyone who knew Nicky, but no one really knew him. This second offering is at the Amazon site: Just like the other book, I prepared a Youtube video that includes a short reading from near the beginning.
It is my hope that you will visit the pages listed above and read more about the books. Most of all buy the books.
My eBooks by Robert Carlson Listing at Youtube