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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2 Degrees Of Separation

Pete Postlethwaite speaks as the lone narrator at the end of Man in 2055. Man has loaded the atmosphere with the correct amount of CO2 to cause the temperature tipping point tat climatologists have been warning us about for decades. This semi-documentary film using news footage and Pete as the lone controller at the console of a great database of video footage.

"The Age of Stupid" asks the burning question Why did we not do anything about our imminent extinction? The film presents the factors surrounding oil use and the warmer atmosphere that contribute to intensified flooding, melting of glaciers, desertification, stronger storms, and wide-ranging poverty in the land of oil riches.

The NIMBY mind-set shows the conflicted attitudes that people ave about alternate energy systems such as wind turbines. While everyone claims that they care about climate change, they continue to resist the wind when it will be harnessed close to their homes.

The film was made in 2008 so we are already 7 years behind schedule to stop the 2 degree Celsius temperature rise that will tip the scales toward our demise. 2015 is the seminal year for reaching Carbon Neutrality. I guess we have failed.

This film is well worth the watching. It is available as a Netflix DVD. BTW, guess how a passing space explorer would know that planet earth was once inhabited.