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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Undiscovered Lie (Part 98)

The Undiscovered lie takes down yet another great American icon, Joe Paterno. He did his duty to report the abuse he was made aware of, but failed to follow up when nothing was done. Therefore he is not liable for criminal indictment, but the court of public opinion has him signed, sealed and delivered into his permanent retirement. He, himself committed no crime, but now after years of allowing criminal activity to continue, he is the bum. He was perceived as a great man for decades until... the Undiscovered Lie broke him. Now his reputation, the reputation of Penn State, its football enterprise are all forever tarnished.

The Undiscovered Lie makes its impacts even after decades of being undiscovered. Herman Cain is just now realizing that what he did many years ago have followed him into his Presidential aspirations. There is no way that enough Americans will overlook the alleged actions, and particularly his reactions to the accusations. He doesn't have the poise and grace under fire to stand up to the onslaught of questions and further revelations for accusers who purported are revealing the Undiscovered Lie. If he cannot stand up to the media scrutiny he certainly cannot stand up to the pressure that the POTUS will have to endure. Just ask Mr. Obama.

Friday, November 4, 2011

When will the Riot Police Realize The Nobody is Rioting?

The #OWS protesters purpose is to speak out, be arrested, bailed out and come back to speak out some more. They are NOT there to be beaten, gassed, shot at, run over, body-checked, slammed to the ground, knelt on and dragged. On the other hand, the police officers ARE there to beat, gas, shoot at, run over, body-check, slam to the ground, kneel on and drag away people who are there to speak out against the disparities that embody the economy, wealth and power of this nation. Just look at the way each side is dressed and what implements of destruction they wield. One has placards with WORDS and the other holds batons and guns. One side is protected by the Constitution & parkas while the other is by rubber padding and plastic shields. Just who afraid of whom out there? Don't read this if you already have yours and are not worried about losing it.