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Friday, February 10, 2017

Yes,The Law is on Trumps Side, but...

Yes the Law is on Trump's side. Therein lies the problem. The laws have always been written and interpreted in terms of rational people who were placed in charge of our democracy. Alternatively, they were written by people who would derive value from the efforts of others and call it their own.

Never before has there been a scenario where United States elected officials were subverted by foreign influences and those people were the ones in power. It has always been the influence of domestic power that allowed the individuals vested with power to yield that power with little or no interference. While the Law may be on Trumps side, that doesn't mean the laws are good laws of just and equitable laws. Those laws can be changed.

Today we have a man who has wrested power from the former owners and is utilizing it for entirely new purposes. Not only does he represent a particular political party but he also has the backing of both the House and the Senate. His use of power has been commingled with his own enterprises for creation of personal and family wealth. People with whom he has business relations are standing in line for him to sign the papers to free them to exploit terrestrial resources and those of people that in need. 

Nothing he sends their way will get voted down and no bills sent to him will be vetoed. This entire scenario is the recipe for disaster. At some point in time he and Congress will differ on some positions but all the important and far reaching actions will already have been agreed upon. Food availability, housing, medical care, education are all a matter of law. So is who is allowed to have such things.

He is feeding the GOP controlled Congress all the items they have had on their agenda for decades. Education policy is trashed by a religious zealot until Congress formally disposed of the Department entirely. Similarly, the Attorney General, William Sessions, is a self-styled racist judge who also promised to foist his religious notions on minority groups under the guise of "restoring religious freedoms with such Act as titled: Restoring Religious Freedoms Act. Eliminating the Environmental Protection Administration is yet another action now or soon to be signed out of existence via signature on an Executive Order.

Once GOP is finished with Mr. Trump, they will kick him to the curb in favor of their more favored President, Mike Pence. He will be better suited to carry America into its century of Theocratic governance.

However, in the meantime, the Law is on the side of the now President, Trump. But that power of law is not absolute. The US has a Judicial Branch which was designed to keep the Legislature and Executive in check. Neither of them can run off willy-nilly doing just anything they want to. There remains that ever-present and highly regarded document, the Constitution, to be satisfied.

The founding father of this country saw the possibilities of a tyrant getting into power or for an incompetent to be elected by the folly of the people who were so taken astray. They built into the Constitution safeguard to right the wrong. It is time this country take a long and hard look at the road we are now traveling. It is time to stop and go a different way.