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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to Create a Planet With Life Just Like Earth in Only 6 Days

This plan is Highly Intelligent Design and can easily be accomplished by anyone with a high school education and a Time Machine. First we have to believe in education and that it is useful.

Here is the Steps of Creation that can be done in six Solar Days. Strap on your thinking caps and free your mind. On Monday morning, get your coffee and Danish, and step into your time machine. Set your destination coordinates for a cluster of asteroids and a temporal displacement of 10 million years in the future. It is important to move into the distant future so that nothing you do will accidentally make your discovery of time travel impossible or your self for that matter. Ten million year hence is a reasonable safety buffer.

When you get there you merely bump a few asteroids together so that their collective gravitational pull will keep the aggregation going. Then get out of the way and go home. Back in your basement apartment you have the rest of the day to lounge around and listen to Pink Floyd and Nirvana since you set the temporal coordinates to return 10 minutes after you departed.

On Tuesday afternoon after you get up and remedy that hangover from the night before, you make the plan for Day Two. On this day you jump into your time machine, well okay, stumble into your time machine and set the coordinates for the cluster of asteroids you started in the location it will be when you get there 510 million years in your normal future. I did say you could do this with a high school education, didn't I? Well the time machine has all the computing power to figure out the XYZ coordinates.

When you get there you see what has become of your initial actions. The glob of asteroids is quite large now and the ice chunks in the galaxy have made clouds above the surface and the surface has gotten cooler and solid. The process is going well so you can just go home and goof off the rest of the day.

Wednesday is the seminal day in your Plan of Creation. 500 million more years in the future you go there with a sack of seeds. Included are acorns, buckeyes, ginko pods, wheat, marsh grasses and a whole lot of varieties of weed. As you pass over the fledgling planet you scatter your seeds in every crevice. Extremely tired and in want of a cigarette you go home and sleep until the sun goes down and you wonder just what time is really is and wonder if anybody really knows with time it is.

On Thursday you are already up to Day Four and must get serious. At an aggregate temporal displacement of 1,510 million years you arrive to find the entire planet to be Edenesque and covered by trees, fields of grass and weeds. You see a lot of varieties that you did not bring and realized they all adapted to this world. At this point you dump bags of water from your own world into the seas there on that planet. In it are amoebas, rotifers, plankton, algae, and a couple of guppies. After this long day of activity you sample some of the weeds for their medicinal properties and decide that it is good.

Friday, you decide to blow it off and check out some more varieties of plant life that had evolved since your last visit. This is not really a problem because you can always fix anything in post-production if necessary.

Saturday is the big Sixth Day. You set the temporal displacement to 2.5 billion years in your normal future and jump to the proper galactic position. Upon landing you see that things had gone terrible wrong. There are human-like people all over the place dressed in form-fitting tights and everyone has one color cape or other. They all have neck gills and vestigial fins on the forearms and lower legs. Just then you remember what became of your DC and Marvel Comic books. The guppies had evolved into all sorts of species. Even the cat-like critters had back fins and fish tails. The outcomes of the evolutionary processes were not too strange especially "missing link" examples that were mermaid like females who still swam in the estuaries and continually beckoned you to come in for a swim.

You stay longer this trip than you usually did but that didn't seem to be a problem for some reason. On your way home at the end of the day, just before sundown, you go back to your Thursday time and place and collect your forgotten comic books. This method of fixing your mistake is far more humane than drowning everyone and starting over. Besides, attempts to drown all the descendants of guppies would probably fail anyway.

Sunday, you go again to the 2.5 billion year mark just to see if your micro fix was effective. Oh, horrors!

Why Public Education?

Only a wise and educated person would be against a good public education system in America. This nation is built on substandard education and training. How else would people be incentivized to do jobs that are undesirable, tedious, boring and repetitive? We need poorly educated job applicants to fill those jobs. I have all due respect to people who use entry-level jobs as the stepping stone to a better life and better earnings. They are to be commended. The big problem is who with a college degree or even a high school diploma is going to wipe the bums of the nearly 16 million people with Alzheimer's that are projected by the year 2020?

Someone needs to ring up my groceries at the Food Lion. Someone needs to collect my garbage. Only people with multiple college degrees who can't find a job commensurate with their student debt or people with no GED dips fries at the local franchise. Someone has to do that. We need high school dropouts to be the next generation of low-wage earners who can be exploited for business profits and the Low Price Guarantee.

This also extends to recent immigrants who don't have English proficiency. We need them to keep their native languages so they can be pigeon holed into a service class of low-wage jobs.

So here's how it works. Businesses need low-wage employees to the jobs that make money for the company. Educated workers want more income. Businesses are made to pay taxes that serve to educate the people who do the low-wage jobs. This is counter-productive. The businesses enlist people in the community who don't like taxes on principle and tell them how bad public educations is and that adding money to the budget is good money after bad and a big waste and contributes to Big Government and the paying for unqualified teachers who are sucking on the public teat.

Taxes pay for bad education and tuitions pay for good education. See the difference? People with money will always have a school for their children so they won't have to pluck chickens in an Alabama poultry plant along with 300 Pacific Rim refugees who barely earn minimum wages. But when those refugees do learn English, get a driver's license and a GED in evening classes, it will be difficult to get them into the chicken plant then. Maybe then the nuggets will cost $2.50 or we will import more refugees.

Historically, American wars have been fought by hung-ho boys whose daddy fought in the last war and by the least educated men who could not get out of the draft. America needs minimally educated boys and girls to fill the ranks of cannon fodder. Less education equates to an easier time convincing a person that there is a patriotic duty that can only be met with a rifle and camouflage fatigues. Our national security depends on the least educated among us to stand between our Mothers and those mothers. A few college educated career men and women fill the ranks of officers and high-tech warfare personnel, but the core corps are the composed of the ones who can't do much better.

Religion is best passed from mouth to mouth and assimilated by minds that have precious little else in there for the dogma to conflict with. No Evangelical or Pentecostal needs a wise-acre posing the question," but who did Cain and Able get married to?" Everyone is just supposed to accept that each brother "knew his wife" and she bore children to him. So it is written.

Religion is not taught in public schools. It is during Sunday school that boys and girls are supposed to be indoctrinated in the ways of the Lord. Indoctrination in such heresies as EVOLUTION, climate science, treating everyone with respect as an equal are the evils of SOCIALIST public school indoctrination. The teaching of these heresies form the basis of why public school taxes are hated.

Businesses love religious consumers because they are far more brand-loyal than educated thinking and discriminating minds. "Believe what we say because it is the Truth. There is no other Truth than our truth. See it is written right here in the report that says there is no connection between tobacco and cancer, stroke, emphysema; there is no connection between HFCS and sugar and diabetes, kidney failure or heart disease; there is no relationship between dumping CO2 into the air and the melting polar ice caps and glaciers.

You don't have to understand all that junk science, just listen to us, the corporate word and we will tell you all you need to know. You don't want Big Brother watching what you eat and drink and having Big Government telling you what you can and cannot eat, smoke or drink. That is the job of our Corporate Cartoon Spokes-icon. Without those fonts of contemporary knowledge how would anyone know what or how much to eat? How would a new mother know how to diaper her baby. You wouldn't even be able to figure out how to get to work unless you have a sleek new automobile (with the GPS voice to tell you.)

Education is useless. You have the Googles to tell you everything you need to know. You don't need a big student loan balance when you have unlimited data at $99.99 and 18G wireless speed. Besides, every click on a sponsored link to what you were really looking for is 2 cents that supports the correct content provider that has your answer.

Business has your interests at heart and the interest you will pay. Soda machines in the elementary cafeteria. Power bars for that quick pick-me-up that future employees will need when working the 60th hour in the week.

Business, the religious, corporate and military world already know everything that is important to the world. Liberal college studies only confuse the Freshman and Sophomore minds of the recent high school students who already had the foundations of modern learning burned into their adolescent brains. When you have an opinion and an Internet connection, you have a voice in global affairs. Why waste your time waiting until you have a useless degree from some university like Harvard or Yale. All one has to do is join the Corporate Person Community and your $100 political contribution will be pooled with millions more to shape the outcome of elections to come. Be the Corporate Person.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

In a Moment

Before the expansion of this universe some 13 to 14 billion years ago there was a tiny compact Big Something. What it looked like is moot question due to the fact that there were no eyes to see with a consciousness behind them to know that they were indeed seeing anything at all. With Everything wrapped up in such a tight little package there was noting outside its boundary because space too is a Something. When the internal confining forces were overpowered by the expansive forces the universe was set free and has been expanding ever since.

Space, time, the matter and the energy that was previously confined has inflated like a bubble ever since. As space expands it drags with it all the matter and energy that is inside. Alternatively one may conceptualize that space and matter are two attributes of the same proto-something. Cosmologists view space and time as a single entity called Space-time. From Einstein's equation E=MC2 we get that matter and energy are two attributes of the same proto-something, too. This means that we have reduced four somethings down to two. Here we are going to further reduce those two into One. Matter and the space that it occupies are themselves inseparable. One can conceptualize matter as being a special state of Space, of for the purists: Matter-energy is a special state of Space-time.

Just as matter can be converted to energy and vice versa according to the equation: E=MC2., Space-time can be converted to Matter-energy and vice versa by some as yet unwritten equation. The probability statements of quantum mechanics assert that the nothing of space spontaneously becomes matter and can disappear again. Indeed QM says that nothing can spontaneously become something at any time. This is the explanation of how there was the Big Bang birth of the universe without there having been any"before" where there was nothing and then suddenly there was something. Before this big Bank there was no mass-energy nor any space-time therefore all questions of what went bang are moot.

Being that space-time itself is expanding from the origin point, beyond that expansion front there is truly Nothing. In this way the universe is finite but without a boundary. If there was a boundary there would be the supposition that something lay beyond it. Also in this way, there is a horizon beyond which no information, event or deed may cross. Everything we see, know and think are contained within this bubble of indeterminate size and destiny.

There is no telling whether there are other mutually exclusive expanding universes now nor whether this one is the first of many or just the latest of many iterative universes that recycle all the same Space-time-matter-energy over and over. Unless there is or will be some cohesive consciousness that has memory we shall never be able to know. There is an event horizon around our bubble universe.

Now here is the really difficult part to comprehend. Being that we only experience one moment at a time and everything else is merely our memory of past moments and anticipations of the next and future moments, the bubble universe really only needs One Moment to manifest everything we know,experience and feel. The reason we only experience one moment is because there was/is/will be only one moment. All possibilities in this universe exist in that one moment and we are inside that moment too.

All the galaxies that we see in the nighttime sky that are millions if not billions of light-years away may not exist any longer but we won't know that until their death throe light finally reaches us. We must wait inside our time reference for that light to reach us.

Consider a reel of movie film. The entire story that is told in that movie exists simultaneously on that reel. All the images and sound are tightly wrapped in that spiral universe called reel-1. Only in its unwinding and being viewed frame by frame do we get any perception of what is there. But truly there is only one moment where that entire film exists. It is in the viewing of it that motion and sound are created. We could run it fast through the mechanism and the action would be fast. We could run it slower through the mechanism and everything would move slower. If the "frame rate" was 100 per second when the images were recorded and we view it at 24, everything would move very slowly. Pump the recording speed into the 1,000s and we would see things not otherwise seeable by our meager eyes like bubbles popping or bee wings flapping.

Suffice it to say that how long a movie seems to take to get to the end of the reel is partly dependent on how fast the person viewing it takes to see it. Watching a film recorded at 1000 frames per second and projected at 1000 frames per second would produce a perfectly ordinary treatment of objects in motion.

So back to the single moment universe where the big bang went boom and the entire event is over. Being inside the bang bubble makes us unable to determine anything about how long some event or object lasted because we are subject to the same dilation that space-time and matter-energy are subject to. No matter how persistent the illusion is there is only that one moment where the universe exploded, embraced all possibilities and dissipated like smoke in the night air or collapsed again like a cavitation bubble in a boiling pot of water.

Monday's Mission -- November 25, 2014

Monday started my week of time off from work that would coincide with the Thanksgiving Holiday. Although I had made arrangements not go into DC on the train, for work as usual, I did make a plan to go into DC for a different purpose. The morning was 66 degrees after it being in the 30s all the previous week. Condensation dripped off of every surface in the garages and in the elevators at the BWI train station.

Every day I pass the usual denizens of G Street and the connecting streets between the Red Line Metro and the office building where I work. A couple of people are the daily regulars while others are there on their own itineraries and circuit around the city. Sheila was at her normal station, parked near the corner by the Bank. Two men were at their places along the block with empty coffee cups seeking coins from passers-by. I cannot support all of them to the level of comfort to which they have become accustomed. Therefore, I usually nod to their presence and keep moving. There is a keen-eye telegraph system in place where the success of one is apprehended by the others down the line and each giver of alms cataloged for future approach for another dollar or two. It is little different than NPR, the Special Olympics and Breast Cancer appeals that arrive in a somewhat higher medium of Telephone and email.

My mission for the day was to find the guy who I'd see sitting in a cheap Medicaid-wheelchair biding his time during the day. For him the front caster wheels has long since stopped being wheels and were best described as plastic skids that wore a bit further down each block he traveled. After not seeing this man for a couple of weeks, he turned up by the Au Bon Pain sitting with his back to the wall last Friday. It was then that I noticed the desperate condition of those front wheels. As usual I was on my way to the train for the commute back to Baltimore.

All weekend I thought about the sight of those decrepit wheels and the struggle that it would have been on a daily basis to move that semblance of a wheelchair and himself along the sidewalk. I reasoned that the wheels looked to be about the same size as a pair that I had on a spare wheelchair and that they might find use for him as opposed to gathering dust in my spare room.

I made a plan that would get me down to DC mid-day when it would be more likely that he would show up. After all I had no idea where he came from or how he would get there. I also figured that if I didn't see him right away, I could stash the wheels and tools at my office down the block. I didn't see him on my way in so I headed to the office to drop off my box of hardware.

At the office I explained to my boss why I was there after making the arrangement to be off the entire week. He asked, "What is it that we should do about such situations." His question addressed the broader picture of the thousands of people who have some needs like his. "Doesn't he have access to Medicaid?" I supposed that he didn't or he certainly would have gotten new tires a lot sooner. My answer was that we needed to adopt the British medical model where people who have such needs just go and get that they need. "OH, you mean that socialist system?" That was exactly what I meant.

We talked about a few related medical and medical transportation issues before the noon hour came. I was not planning to stay in DC for lunch so I started to get ready to leave. I had describe the man I was trying to met up with and he said he knew who I meant. Upon return from getting his lunch, he told me "my guy" was down the block at the Au Bon Pain.

I picked up my tools and the wheels and headed down the block to meet up with him. I said, "I brought some spare caster wheels that might fit. Do you want them?" He said yes, but he'd need some pliers to change them. I told him I brought tools too. We first took time to separate the wheels from the casters since there was no way to bolt them onto his frame where the caster casings were welded on.

Then he stood up for as long as he could to flip the front end up to better reach the battered old plastic wheels. We loosened the axles and swapped out the old hubs for the new wheels. All and all it took about a half hour to complete the operation. A trash receptacle across the sidewalk took all the miscellaneous bits and pieces of what once was wheels.

We exchanged first names and Sid thanked me for the wheels. Never had he expected to be the recipient of new wheels in such a manner on the street where he would daily come to sit and bide time until the day was once again gone.

As I said before, the activities on the block do not go unnoticed by the regulars. There is a telegraph system that passes information up and down the block. Sheila, who always says hello to me and nothing else coherent, clearly said to me, "that was very kind of you doing that. You'll certainly be blessed for it."

I told her, "I already have been."

Saturday, February 21, 2015

More Ruminations of a Bird Brain -- Vols 1 & 2

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"To say that pigeons were intellectual and contemplative would be a lie. There is such uniformity of mind that all pigeons in a group actually blink in unison. But if you ever asked about it, they would deny that pigeons ever blink. No one had ever seen a pigeon blinking. Well, duh! Their eyes were closed at the time. There was no convincing any of them. Seeing is believing, and they never saw it happen."

Chapter One

Here I sit on my roost overlooking the street below. It’s my favorite roost at 18th and Smallman Street. My human intellect is wrapped in the body of a pigeon. How exactly it got here I do not know. I can remember many of the things that I did when I was human including the reading of the great and lesser philosophers and Hindu clerics who teach about the transmigration of the soul or speculate on its possibilities. Well I do what to say that all speculation is over.

From my view of the world several stories above the street I drink in the daily activities of the people and other creatures that inhabit that little reality. As dawn breaks, the city Streets Department water truck washes a day’s debris into the gutter leaving the shiny wet streak behind like the viscous trail of a snail or common garden slug. Frederico, I call him Frederico, that scrawny mongrel dog trots down the middle of Smallman Street casually sidestepping the occasional car or truck that heralds the beginning of a new day in the produce market down by the river. Later in the day Frederico will be sniffing up the butts of every other dog that makes its way through his territory, as he does every day without fail. Sometimes the encounters end in a snarling fit or, just as likely, they trot off together to explore the next block and all its smells and opportunities.

Rachel and Nikki Step Out

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This book merges an "explanation" with the events of one very unusual night at a local night spot in Gloucester, MA where two young women seemed to have cut loose from the confines of conformity. They left the people who were there that night with the big question "Where did these two come from?"

The book suggests an explanation with the possibly fictional events that lead up to the wild and crazy night. The explanation revolves around two exceptional and brave Boston Terriers.

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