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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Another Day At Metro Center Station

July 21, 2011 9:02 AM

This will be the worst year for DC MetroRail riders. Two factors are converging to create headaches and backaches. First, the entire system is older than it ever has been (35 years in most places.) Second, they have so many Elevators and escalators shut down to overhaul them. This premier subway system has never gone through a major overhaul in its short history. New York, Boston and Chicago and many similar systems have been built over a period of 100 years or longer. They have seen the ups and downs of service quality while never having to have the entire system be the same old age.

The center escalator was barricaded for imminent repair work. The one on the left was a "down" and the one on the right was stopped. The plaza was packed with hundreds of morning commuters.

Today's Commuter Hero

A bold commuter pushed aside the barricade and ran up the center unit. A flood of delayed commuters quickly followed him up .

In a few minutes everyone was gone. The Station Manager tried to restart the stopped unit without success. Just another day in the live of a DC commuter. When did commuting become an adventure?
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